5 myths about the traffic law you should know about

Traffic law is something you must be aware of to drive safely on the road every day. Knowing the traffic law well can save you from getting unnecessary tickets that can cost you hundreds of dollars. However, many people have certain misconceptions about the traffic laws. Here are some myths that you should know about.

Myth #1: If the officer doesn’t show up on court, then your ticket is dropped

This is a common myth about traffic law which is not true. An officer may be busy with other important tasks and may not show up on the court that day. But it doesn’t excuse you from paying the penalty. In some states, the officer need not show up to the initial hearing, unless you appeal the initial hearing. There are some states in which the case may be rescheduled if the officer doesn’t show up on a particular date.

Myth#2: Not signing a ticket or other simple mistakes can save you from penalty

You should sign your ticket. The sign shows that you have received the ticket, but it doesn’t say that you are admitting your guilt. People often assume that if you don’t sign the ticket then you can claim that you have never received the ticket. But there is actually no way of escaping it, as the officers have a lot of evidence regarding the ticket. Any simple clerical mistakes made on the ticket will be overlooked by the judges. So, for example, the spelling of your name being wrong, or the mistake in your license plate number, etc. won’t change anything.

Myth#3: Flow of traffic and passing are good excuses for speeding

Your excuse of going with the flow of traffic is not valid. Driving too slow can be dangerous. Even if you only briefly pass a car that was going too slow won’t stand as an excuse.You shouldn’t exceed the speed limit at any circumstance.

Myth#4: Traffic tickets won’t get transferred to other states

In most states, you cannot escape your traffic tickets just because you have moved to a different state. So, if you get a ticket in one state and now live in another state, your ticket will be transferred and you still have to pay the penalty. If you ignore your ticket, it may lead to the suspension of your license or other severe punishments.

Myth#5: It is not legal to drive without your shoes on

It is simply a misconception. There is no such law that you can’t drive barefoot. So, if you feel comfortable driving without your shoes on, you can do so without getting any ticket.

These myths often get you into trouble for no reason. You now know what is true and what is not. So, drive responsibly so that you don’t get any ticket for violating traffic laws.