Letters “News Rights-Liberties” (ADL)

Under the responsibility of Nicolas Hervieu

The Letter “Nouvelles Droits-Libertés” (ADL) of the Human Rights Review offers access to legal information and analysis dedicated to the latest rights and freedoms in France, Europe and the world.

The Letter “Nouvelles Droits-Libertés”, created on the initiative of Sylvia Preuss-Laussinotte in 2002, is placed under the aegis of the Center for Research and Studies on Fundamental Rights (CREDOF) since 2008. The authors of the Letter are divided into “poles” of competences. Each of these poles focuses on a particular field of observation of current rights and freedoms.

The Newsletter “Nouvelles Droits-Libertés” (ADL) is distributed by e-mail to 6,573 subscribers (as of January 11, 2014). It is available online on the website of the Human Rights Review.

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